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While you are busy planning and coordinating fantastic events for your clients, let us take care of your Event Planner Insurance.

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Who classifies as a Professional Event Planner?

Event Insurance Services specialises in a variety of Insurance solutions for Event Planning Professionals.

Our Event Planner policies are tailored specifically for Individuals and/or Businesses that plan events for their own clients.

Typical Duties of an Event Planner May Include

  • Event Planning, Design & Production to Clients’ specifications
  • Working with clients to identify their needs and expectations
  • Organising external facilities such as décor, catering, transportation, promotional material, entertainment and more!

What Type of Cover Do I Need as an Event Planner?

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is required to cover your legal liability to compensate Third Parties in the event of an incident relating to your business activities.

Public Liability Insurance may cover:

  • Personal Injury to a Third Party
  • Property Damage to a Third Party

Our Public Liability policy will Insure You (Either as an individual or company). This is known as the Insured Party.

The policy also extends to cover:

  • Partners, Officers, Directors, Employees or Volunteers of the Insured Party, whilst acting within the scope of their duties for the Insured Party
  • Principals or Interested Parties where noted

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is particularly important for event planning professionals.

Your client may hold you and your business responsible for a service you have:

  • Provided
  • Failed to provide
  • Did not meet anticipated or promised results

Professional Indemnity Insurance may protect you from Third Party Claims in the event that these issues arise.

To put it simply, Professional Indemnity Insurance will give you protection should you make a mistake, without the financial strain of having to defend yourself.

We understand mistakes or unexpected issues can occur during the event planning process and Professional Indemnity Insurance may cover those errors.


If you are after a one off event quote, enter your event details to get an accurate insurance price estimate.

Event Planners Insurance FAQ’s

I am organising a few of my own events, but I am not planning events for other people as an ‘Event Planner.’ Is this cover suitable?


This policy is tailored specifically for Event Planners that receive an income for planning events for their clients.

If you are holding up to 5 events per year, we would suggest a Multi Event Policy

If you are holding more than 5 events per year, we can arrange cover on our Annual Event Insurance policy.

Can I change my limits of cover throughout the policy period?


We are able to make changes to your policy throughout the Policy Period. This is known as an Endorsement.

Once you notify us that you want to increase your limit/s of cover, the Insurer will provide the applicable pro-rata premium, to increase your cover until the expiry date.

I am just starting my business; how do I provide an annual turnover or fee income amount?

This is based as an estimate only.

We understand it may be a little tricky to know exactly what your business will be bringing in for the first 12 months of operation.

Therefore, we would recommend entering a conservative estimation.

I engage both Employees and Volunteers in my business. Are they covered by my Event Planner insurance policy?

Yes. Both Employees & Volunteers of the business are automatically Insured under the policy.

The definition of Insured under the policy will extend to include;

  • Partners, Officers, Directors, Employees or Volunteers of the Insured Party, whilst acting within the scope of their duties for the Insured Party
  • Principals or Interested Parties where noted

You will need to make sure that any Contractors & Subcontractors have their own insurance cover in place, as they are not covered by your policy.

Please see more information about Contractors & Subcontractors on our FAQ Page.

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